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The History of GEAR

GEAR (Greater Elizabeth Arts & Recreation) was started by a small group of Elizabeth citizens in 1999. An estate provided the initial funding to GEAR, a little over $10,000. The original intent was to offer a variety of activities and events for all ages. GEAR basketball began as a 3rd-6th grade clinic, with participation in Cuba City basketball tournaments, and they eventually combined with the Freeport 5th-6th grade league. GEAR hosted the annual 5th-6th tournament at River Ridge in 2004.

Around 2005, new leadership of GEAR resulted in the group’s nonprofit status. Basketball continued to be a strong influence, as well as baseball, softball, and volleyball. In 2013, MAPPING efforts in Elizabeth led to a growth spurt of activity for GEAR and a renewed interest in expanding arts and recreation. GEAR now runs the gym and stage in the Elizabeth Municipal Building.

GEAR’s current Board of Directors:

Jeremy Knauer: President
Mark Wachter: Vice-President
Cathy Holland: Treasurer
Erin Horn: Secretary
Jacob Ambrosia
Samantha Bauer
Mark Bryan
Jessica Engle
Judy Meyerhofer
Dawn Speer
Cory Walters

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