2014 G.E.A.R. Board of Directors

Last night, G.E.A.R. elected a Board of Directors and officers for that board. Introducing the G.E.A.R. Board:

Jeremy Knauer—President
Mark Wachter—Vice-President
Shauna McLane—Treasurer
Erin Horn—Secretary
Dawn Speer
Jessica Engle
Samantha Bauer
Judy Meyerhofer
Cory Walters
Mark Bryan
Jacob Ambrosia

These are just eleven of the G.E.A.R. members who are excited about the future of Greater Elizabeth Arts & Recreation! We want to make Elizabeth a healthier, more creative place to live!

We also appointed chairs to several committees. Meet your committee chairs:

Jeremy Knauer:  Baseball
Mark Wachter:  Basketball
Dawn Speer:  Volleyball and Softball
Brian Engle:  Art
Judy Meyerhofer:  Fitness Classes
Erin Horn:  Scheduling

If you have questions about any of these committees, now you know who to ask! And rest assured, we’ll be forming more committees as time goes on. Let us know what you’re interested in!

Coming soon will be all the details of a big town meeting in February. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this meeting. We’ll have food, prizes, and tons of information about Elizabeth’s exciting future! And when you stop by the G.E.A.R. booth, you can ask us questions or offer your input. We’d love to hear what fitness classes you want, how you’d like to challenge your creativity, and what the future of Elizabeth looks like to you.

If you haven’t yet liked us on Facebook, now’s the time to do so. Starting tomorrow, we’re having a logo-sharing contest on Facebook, with one of our new t-shirts as the prize. Don’t miss it!